"Abyssinian Cat" by Virginia N. Tidwell (Hardcover - 30 Jun 2003)


From the Inside FlapAlthough handsome ticked cats like our modern Abyssinian graced the temples of the Pharaohs three thousand years ago, today's breed cannot lay claim to such romantic origins. The Aby, as the breed affectionately is known, proudly dates back to the early 1940s in the country we call the United Kingdom, where dedicated breeders set out to develop a cat that closely resembled the Egyptian temple cats. The favoured ticked coat pattern has long been associated with cats of Northern African genesis and has become this stunning pure-bred cat's calling card. The Aby owner will welcome the advice of author Virginia N Tidwell regarding the proper care, behaviour, training and health of the breed. The author provides detailed chapters on the breed's delightfully sweet character, breed standard as well as sensible discussions about purchasing, kitten care, general maintenance and health concerns. The author's concise and insightful text is enhanced by the accompanying colour photography, both enlivening the chapters and illustrating vital points about the breed. In all, this book presents over 100 colour photographs and illustrations, including some never-before-seen scanning electron micrograph images produced exclusively for this series. As attractive as it is informative, this book also addresses the health concerns of every owner, including a special section about feline eye problems written by veterinary surgeon Lorraine Waters, plus reliable advice about safety in the home, selecting a vet, coat problems and effective parasite control. Helpful hints and important information are highlighted to provide easy access to everything the reader needs to know about life with an Abyssinian. This beautifully designed, completely modern volume dedicated to the Aby will be a treasured addition to every owner's library, ensuring a happier, more rewarding co-existence between owner and his cherished Abyssinian Cat. Topics discussed include: History of the Abyssinian Cat; A portrait of the Abyssinian Cat; Purchasing an Abyssinian Cat; Providing a safe home for your Abyssinian Cat; Feeding your Abyssinian Cat; Grooming your Abyssinian Cat; Training and behaviour of your Abyssinian Cat; Breeding your Abyssinian Cat; Exhibiting your Abyssinian Cat; Health care of your Abyssinian Cat.