What Cats Want by Claire Bessant (Hardcover - 20 Sep 2002)



Claire Bessant is the Chief Executive of the Feline Advisory Bureau. In the course of her work, she is consistently bombarded with questions regarding the well-being of our favourite pets. Now she has collected this wealth of material into one indispensable book. What Cats Want is the first book that approaches the care of your feline companion from the point of view of the cat rather than the human. It incorporates loads of invaluable information on cat personality and behaviour, and looks at how we keep our cats today and the pressures we put on them.This is the perfect book for every cat owner and lover. It will teach you how to minimize the stress your cat encounters by living in the modern world; how to keep cats safe both indoors and out; and it provides a full run-down of the various health issues that are right at the forefront of modern feline discussion.What Cats Want dispels the many myths surrounding cat care, and will lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship with your cat.